M. Ajmal Khan

Programming Developer

Ajmal is a Programmer with 15 years of experience in full circle of software development. He believe his strong points are Creativeness and Punctuality. His goals will always be to meet your needs and deadlines as well as to care about usability and your future maintenance costs.

Being solidly experienced in back-end development (programming server-side applications and reusable libraries with C# and C++, data-scraping tools etc.), He also have experience in modern front-end environments such as JavaScript (including Mobile Development with PhoneGap) and Ruby on Rails.

His skills, inter alia, includes:
– C#: Threading, Remoting, Windows Services, ADO.NET, ASP.NET.
– C++: Multithreaded Windows applications development using Win32 API, Boost, ATL, STL, COM/DCOM.
– JavaScript: jQuery, Node.js, Meteor, cross-platform mobile development with PhoneGap.
– Programmatic Ads: RTBkit, OpenRTB, VAST.
– Web: HTML5, CSS3, AJAX.
– SQL: MS SQL Server, Oracle.
– Software: Git, SVN, MS Visual Studio, NetBeans IDE, ScrewTurn Wiki.
– OOA/D: Agile (Scrum, UP), UML, software design patterns.

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