SEO – How is it Different from SEM?

SEO - How is it Different from SEM?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and how is it different from Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? In the most basic terms, SEM is when companies promote their businesses by buying advertising space from search engines. This means that more people that use search engines like Google or Bing will be seeing their website, and therefore their website gets more visitors. Now, how is that different from SEO? SEO is special because is a method to your business as the highest-ranked search results possible, without being an advertisement. These is known as “natural” or “organic” search results.


It is important to distinguish the difference between SEO and SEM because they are essentially completely different marketing tactics, even though they have similar end-goals. One reason why SEO may be more favorable is that you helps you establish better credibility in your searches. This means that when your website appears in someone’s search result, it will be more relevant to what they are looking for. Generating more web traffic is always important, but SEO may result in more relevant visitors that are more likely to be interested in your business.


A combination of SEO and SEM is a solid tactic when aiming to promote a business online. However, investing too much into SEM without investing enough into SEO could prove fatal to your company’s online presence. After all, having a ton of ads for a site that nobody likes won’t help you at all!  Even though they are both different processes, SEO and SEM both stand to promote your business’s web pages. It is important to distinguish the differences between the two, and gauge which process is better for your company.

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